Monday, February 1, 2010

Big Love, Big Hair, Big Opinions

One day I will write a post in regards to my opinions on Polyamorous relationships, marriage and all that juicy stuff.

If you watch HBO's "Big Love", which explores polygamous family life and religion, you're probably more then familiar with the style of dress and hair.

If not, here is a little break down of it for you:

Big Pompadour style hair, modest clothing in light colours and little to no make up.

She's one bad mama-jama.

Well, I was bored tonight (Dave is working nights) and instead of doing something productive, such as laundry or dishes, I decided to have a vanity fest and did my hair and took pictures.

Huzzah for me fixing my camera! Now you all must suffer!

Not displayed - strict fundamentalist ideals and sister wives

Does it bode poorly for me that the most modest shirt I could find (which happens to work exceedingly well for this) is from a costume? Is it also a bad sign that I like the look?

Either way, I won't be rocking this exact look in the near future. Unless I plan a trip to Utah and want to blend in on the compound. I think my filthy mouth would get kicked out quickly though.

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Claudia said...

I LOVE THE SMILE / SMIRK in this pic!!! so cute!!! :)