Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Cunty Post

"A woman who shaves her vagina looks pre-pubescent."
Have you ever heard that phrase? Read it in an article, perhaps? Maybe in the comments section?
I have. More than once. I've heard it and I've read it and I'm not fuckin' buying it.
The first time someone said that to me, I was 16 years old. Every time I've come across this phrase, it was a man saying it but it could be any gender saying it. It's usually a person who probably considers themselves liberal, open minded and perhaps even a feminist. They have the best of intentions. They think they are striking out against this "trend" of shaved pussies. They think they are supporting woman by making their opinions known on the porn popular shaved pussy.
Well, fuck that. I assure you, it is not empowering to broadcast your opinion about grooming habits to a whole gender of people.
Calling a grown ass woman "pre-pubescent" is insulting. I wouldn't walk up to a man with a shaved face and call him "pre-pubescent". Why? Because he's a MAN. Regardless of how much hair he has on his face, his chest, his arms or his goddamn balls. I wouldn't go up to a lady with A-cup breasts and tell her she looks "pre-pubescent. Why? Because she's a WOMAN. And I assure you, when my clothes come off for any man I sleep with and they see my body, regardless of how much hair I choose to keep or not keep on my pussy, they know I'm a grown woman. They do not need that little signal to tell them so.
Comparing a WOMAN to a young girl because she chooses to shave/wax her vagina is inherently misogynistic because you are still telling a woman what she has to look like, what she has to be and do to be considered a woman in your definition.
We're allowed to have our own dislikes, likes, fetishes, turn ons and turn offs. But don't deny someone ownership of their body. Just accept that they are not your "type" and move on. Do not preach about why that "type" is unacceptable, repulsive or unattractive.
Men: I like facial hair but if you have a smooth shaven face you are still a post-pubescent, full grown man to me. And if you want to shave your balls, that's your business.
Ladies: Do whatever the hell you want. Do it because you want too. Because it pleases you. And don't let someone turn your pubic hair choice into a goddamn soapbox. Just let it be your box.