Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I know it's traditional to have goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year but I've always believed one should be making goals constantly and hopefully be achieving them on a consistent basis as well.

These aren't goal for the year 2011. They are just simply goals for my life. It's not about feeling bad for who I am currently and needing to change that. I love my life and I love who I am. I'm just aware of the areas that I could improve and, for one reason or another, haven't.

So, without further ado, here are my Goals.

  1. Recycle. I have the means. I have the know-how. It's time I get serious about it
  2. Get my learners license. Being able to drive means camping and IKEA trips
  3. Work out more often all. I pay high rent to have access to a gym and pool. Time to start using it
  4. Start a secondary blog - food/fashion/whatever. One with a very specific direction
  5. Don't let the kitchen get insanely messy
  6. Be on time for work 4/5 days a week
  7. Start carrying change in my pocket to give to homeless people but also start donating more
  8. Join a group/team/association
  9. Get rid of 40% of my clothes. I have too many that I only wear once a year
  10. Get some plants for around the house
  11. Plant lots of herbs this summer
  12. Take more risks
  13. Finish upgrading
  14. Apply for University
  15. Play "Just Dance 2!" more often haha
  16. Keep making new friends and discovering old ones
  17. Wear red/yellow/orange/green more often
  18. Watch more classic movies

Monday, February 14, 2011

Yay for skinny chicks who like baggy clothes

If it weren't for the baggy, boho trend, I wouldn't be able to shop at stores like H&M or Anthropologie. These stores, whom I both love dearly (though Anthro is stupid expensive, so I only love when it's on sale) do not cater to my size (Dress size US 22) but thanks to loose fit and draping styles, I can finally find a few cool items.

When something meant to be baggy on a skinny girl fits me perfectly, I am always reminded of the above scene from "The Simpsons".

It takes a lot of hunting but it's totally worth it. Of course, I can shop online but I never know how something is going to fit until I try it on.

If it's dreamy, romantic or dainty - odds are I will LOVE it.


As time goes on, I find I'm actually not shopping at the stores that are suppose to cater to my size. I haven't bought anything from Addition Elle in over a year and it's no wonder. They keep pumping out the same, shapeless, safe crap. I use to love them back when there was nothing else to choose from, because shopping there wasn't a struggle. But, I find, as my tastes become more defined and lean more towards my bright and eccentric side, I have less in common with whoever Addition Elle is marketing too.

This is about as *edgy* as Addition Elle gets

I know it's old fashioned but I have a hard time buying online. I'm sure every woman in every size range has this issue but I absolutely need to try on. I need to walk around in something, see how it hangs, how it fits, how it compliments. So, as happy as I am that stores like H&M and Forever21 are branching out to include plus sizes online, I don't think I'll start doing cartwheels until I see those sizes in stores in my city. Besides, often times those plus size online only deals don't even ship to Canada.

In the end, I find myself in a niche. With shops like Penningtons, Addition Elle (and their "fashion tops") and Cotton Ginny failing to meet the needs of a plus size shopper who doesn't want to look like a soccer mom but instead wanting to look like the young, concert going, eclectic girl that I am.

Domino Dollhouse party dress

I am not completely anti-online. Torrid has lots of options from different styles and I've ordered with success from them more than once. A new favourite, who I have yet to order from, is Domino Dollhouse. Funky and bright, there isn't a single bashful item in their store. While so many plus size stores seem to encouraging hiding your body and bringing as little attention to yourself as possible (henceforth known as Chameleon Clothing), there seems to be some designers and sellers who aren't afraid of being looked at like my style icon, Beth Ditto. It's not that I want to dress like Beth Ditto, just that I think everyone should feel as comfortable in their own skin as she does.

Who rocked it better?

I don't plan on my blog being strictly about fashion. I love far too many things to devout myself to writing only about that. However, it has been the theme lately, hasn't it? Honestly, I just write about whatever strikes my fancy randomly. Sometimes those are long, ranting posts about issues such as feminism and sexuality. Other times, I just want to look at nice clothes.

So, without further delay, I want to ask you something: Who rocked this dress better?

Carina Roitfeld

or Florence Welch

These are both from Givency's 2011 Spring/Summer collection. I am trying not to be biased (I absolutely love Florence and The Machine) but I think I do like her dress more. I just wish it was a crisp white like Carine's instead of being all smoke stained looking, as if it had been sitting on a rack in the sun of a smokey old house for a decade. Perhaps that is suppose to be champagne colour. Perhaps the lighting is bad. I just know it looks off.

What do you think? Maybe you hate them both (maybe swans aren't your thing haha)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


If you ever read/watched Anne of Green Gables, you might get the reference in my title of this post. I am a big book nerd. I'm not one of those people who are constantly reading though. I sometimes go months without reading and than I start 3-4 books all at the same time. I am reading "The Color Purple", "Titus Andronicus" and "The House of Leaves" right now. I switch books depending on my mood.

You know what else I like to switch? My hair! I've been different shades of brown for over a year now and I figured it was about time to do something a little more interesting. I work in an office (boring) and cannot dye my hair any super cool colours (lame), so I try to dye it crazy enough that I love it but not so crazy that I get fired.

This is the hair colour I started with. Check out the sweet "geek wall" behind me.

I love red hair. I date a red head. I want red headed kids. I can single out a red head in a crowd and whether they are hot or not. So, it's only natural that all this red hair envy manifests itself in me routinely dying my hair red.

It burns us!

I've been bleaching and dying my hair at home since I was in grade 5. First colour I went was electric blue and from than on, I was hooked.

I try not to bleach it too often as I don't want to fry it. I wonder, each time I do it, "is this the time my hair finally just falls out". So far, no.

My hair only ever goes yellow. I'd have to get it professionally done with lots of toner and even than, it'd be an ash dirty blonde. It must be the native in me. Dark eyes and dark hair. Are you ready for the finale?

I love a good change, even if it's a superficial one. This picture doesn't do it justice though. In the hair is orange. Just like carrots :P