Friday, June 6, 2008

Here We Go

This is where the real challenge comes in.

The last three months I have given up several things, but usually it's only one thing at one time.

For Lent, I gave up Red Meat/Pork/Lamb.

After then I gave up Slurpees

And then I gave up taking the train to work.

There's no reason to start taking the train again, after I've done it for so long.

Then I thought, if I'm going to keep not taking the train, might as well bring back my other "sacrifices".

So Here it is. For the month of June, I am giving you a Triple Whammy on top of already having a goal for the month.

For June I will not drink slurpee, not take the train, and I'm cutting out red meats and unlean cuts of meat (the meat one will commence mid month cause I'm broke and the only groceries I have break that rule, but once they are gone, I won't be breaking that rule).

I will also be going to Curves or Working out (including fast long walks/eliptical or swimming) 3 times a week.

Now, before my goal weren't for health reasons, so much as challenges. This is the same, but I am curious to see any health effects, such as muscle definition or weight loss.

Wish me luck!