Sunday, January 31, 2010

si vis amari ama

I don't know how to tell you this
so I guess I won't
I am sick to death with it
This confession...not mine to reveal
But to your conscience I appeal
Be a good girl, for once in your life
Don't give into weakness
See the love instead of the strife

My throat aches to say what it is
It is not my burden or my guilt to carry
Regardless, I feel it heavy
upon my shoulders
My feet sink deeper into the mud
My eyes dull with the thought

I judge, I am guilty of that
For all my morals and rants
For all my beliefs and ideals
I judge and will not stop
I am not your jury
and yet I've made the call
Lately, I've been thinking
I've made my decision and
Your reputation is sinking
Who will hang you when the day comes?
I already know the answer
You don't see it but
your hand is on the lever

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