Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dreamcatcher Nightmare

I like how the dress really compliments her hair colour and the necklace highlights her incredible white privilege.

My friend and I always laugh when we see dreamcatchers hanging from people's rear-view mirrors. We laugh and laugh and laugh until we cry tears of frustration. Maybe you don't know why this is ridiculous but those of us in the know do and we're here to educate you. Dreamcatchers are meant to catch dreams, so unless you sleep in your car or plan on falling asleep at the wheel, they make no sense in your fucking car. And hey...if you sleep in your car, I ain't judging. 
It's weird having my culture be en vogue. It's disturbing seeing skulls with Native headdresses on t-shirts for sale at Urban Outfitters
I'm real happy you were able to follow that Trail of Tears right on down to your 
local mall and pick up that shirt.
This is dangerous combination of hipster racism and white privilege. Try telling people they shouldn't be wearing these things. Tell them it's offensive. Tell them it's straight up disrespectful and they will retort about how they respect the culture and that is *why* they're wearing it. Yeah...I'm sure all the First Nations people who died through acts of genocide were hoping someone would wear their sacred and ceremonial headdresses to a music festival. That was probably their last wish. 
"Please...promise me that one day chicks in bikinis will wear my culture's traditional and ceremonial clothing to a Bon Iver concert." - Said by no chief, ever. (Pictured: Miniconjou chief Spotted Elk, dead, after Wounded Knee Massacre)

Look into offside distance? Check
Appear "stoic"? Check
Wear cheaply made, offensive "Native" apparel? Check
Congratulations. You're a racist.

After looking at pictures upon pictures of "Native Inspired" garb, I'm actually beginning to wonder if I'm Native at all. I don't own any feathers, I never stand in fields and I usually show emotions on my face. Shit, you guys. I better get on Etsy right now and see if these white girls can help me figure out how to get back in touch with my tribal roots. I'll call my cousins up and let them know we've been doing it wrong this whole time.

Before you reply to defend your racism and tell me why it's ok to steal from other cultures, please see if your answers are on this bingo card.
(Made by elusis)