Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm sure there's alot of things that I could stand to go without.

Slurpees, Salt, Meat. All the good stuff.

Well, I plan to use this blog to document my own monthly lent. At the beginning of each month, I will give up something new and write about my experiances during that time.

The problem is picking something. I want it to be challenging, but I still want to be able to function daily. So things like "Work", although a fantasy I have everyday, would not be feasible. I have these stupid little things they keep sending me called bills. They're like flies. Small and pesty, but hard to ignore (though, I try).

I'm open to taking suggestions for my little monthly sacrifice. Though, here are a few items that are off limits.

I won't give up the following things
  • Deodorant - Because then everyone would suffer, not just me
  • Sleep - That has psychotic episode written all over it
  • Sex - Haha, no! I'm not trying to become a saint here. Jeez.
  • Showering - Again, this is for your safety more then my own
  • Music - Now, that would be just cruel

But most other things I am up for. Some things I am considering are Make-Up, MSN, Salt, MSG, Sugar, Shopping at 7-11, Procrastination and Gossip.

I've decided the deadline to pick something is April 5th. From that point I will write about the experiances during the following 30 days and will update by weekly. I hope to also include discussions research and general trivia about the item or experiance.

So, please, help me pick a new way to suffer monthly!

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