Sunday, March 23, 2008

Boys DO makes passes at girls who wear glasses

It should be said, right off the bat, that I am a fraud.

In my profile picture, at the moment, I am wearing a pair of...fake glasses.

I'm sorry. I know it's wrong. But I couldn't help myself. You wouldn't understand. So, let me try and help you. I feel the need to explain my actions.

I've had two reactions from people.

What kind of person where's fake glasses? And alot of rubbernecking.

To defend the first reaction. I have to ask if you question when a brunette goes blonde. Or when a short person wears heels. Or false eyelashes. Or fake nails. I mean, put these four things together, and...well, we have a pretty materialistic gold digging sounding chick. But as individual accessories, these are just a few things we add to ourselves to enhance some characteristic.

Fake glasses are a little frivolous, I admit. And I'm sure people who actually have eyesight problems (lucky bastards) may resent their glasses. But I've always envied them for having another thing to accessorize. I know it's not like poor eyesight is the greatest thing. And me envying it is like being jealous of a person in a wheelchair, because they don't have to walk. Actually...that's really bad. I swear, I don't actually think that.

Most girls remember Jr High, and talking with their friends and degrading ourselves and compliments the other.

"I wish I had blue eyes like you. Brown is boring."

"I've always hated my eyes. I always wanted brown or even green. Plus, you have such straight hair, curly is soo much work."

"Ya, but it's so pretty."

Ad Nauseam. Seriously. I hated that game. I don't remember playing it very often, but hearing it was annoying. Some adults still do this little ego boosting game.

I think as we get older, hopefully some of us learn to love what we have.

Well, I like most everything about me or have learned too. I just want glasses damnit. Is that so much to ask. Maybe just a little far sightedness?

Without glasses. Just another facebook profile picture. Whatever

BAM! Now I'm Tina Fey or the Editor of an Independant Local Newspaper.

I rest my case.

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