Monday, February 14, 2011

Yay for skinny chicks who like baggy clothes

If it weren't for the baggy, boho trend, I wouldn't be able to shop at stores like H&M or Anthropologie. These stores, whom I both love dearly (though Anthro is stupid expensive, so I only love when it's on sale) do not cater to my size (Dress size US 22) but thanks to loose fit and draping styles, I can finally find a few cool items.

When something meant to be baggy on a skinny girl fits me perfectly, I am always reminded of the above scene from "The Simpsons".

It takes a lot of hunting but it's totally worth it. Of course, I can shop online but I never know how something is going to fit until I try it on.

If it's dreamy, romantic or dainty - odds are I will LOVE it.


As time goes on, I find I'm actually not shopping at the stores that are suppose to cater to my size. I haven't bought anything from Addition Elle in over a year and it's no wonder. They keep pumping out the same, shapeless, safe crap. I use to love them back when there was nothing else to choose from, because shopping there wasn't a struggle. But, I find, as my tastes become more defined and lean more towards my bright and eccentric side, I have less in common with whoever Addition Elle is marketing too.

This is about as *edgy* as Addition Elle gets

I know it's old fashioned but I have a hard time buying online. I'm sure every woman in every size range has this issue but I absolutely need to try on. I need to walk around in something, see how it hangs, how it fits, how it compliments. So, as happy as I am that stores like H&M and Forever21 are branching out to include plus sizes online, I don't think I'll start doing cartwheels until I see those sizes in stores in my city. Besides, often times those plus size online only deals don't even ship to Canada.

In the end, I find myself in a niche. With shops like Penningtons, Addition Elle (and their "fashion tops") and Cotton Ginny failing to meet the needs of a plus size shopper who doesn't want to look like a soccer mom but instead wanting to look like the young, concert going, eclectic girl that I am.

Domino Dollhouse party dress

I am not completely anti-online. Torrid has lots of options from different styles and I've ordered with success from them more than once. A new favourite, who I have yet to order from, is Domino Dollhouse. Funky and bright, there isn't a single bashful item in their store. While so many plus size stores seem to encouraging hiding your body and bringing as little attention to yourself as possible (henceforth known as Chameleon Clothing), there seems to be some designers and sellers who aren't afraid of being looked at like my style icon, Beth Ditto. It's not that I want to dress like Beth Ditto, just that I think everyone should feel as comfortable in their own skin as she does.

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