Friday, January 28, 2011


A style I've never really aimed to achieve, I find androgyny to be one of the most interesting features in fashion and the media.

Some might think this is a recent trend in fashion but, if you've been watching, you'll know it's been around a lot longer than 2010. Though, it does seem to be coming into the spotlight in 2011, androgyny was huge in the 70's/80's with music artists like Annie Lennox and Boy George being the poster children for it during the 80's. And, of course, we can't forget David Bowie in all his glory during the 70's.

Personally, I've always thought there was something sexy about someone who leaves you guessing. But, than again, I've always dated very macho men (construction workers, poker players, etc haha), so it's possible that androgyny is simply a change of pace from the wide shoulders and 5 o'clock shadows I've grown use too.

Jean Paul Gaultier's use of androgynous models come as no surprise to me, as it seems like the next step in acceptance of different people from all across the spectrum that he seems to extend. In the past he's used plus size models in his show including Velvet d'Amour and punk rock goddess Beth Ditto. It only seemed natural that ended his most recent show with Andrej Prejic, a new but popular male model, in a wedding dress.

Yes, that's a man.

Maybe there's just something fun about playing with people expectations. I think, ultimately, androgynous people lend themselves to artists as a sort of Muse. Here is this person existing between both worlds and, as an artist and creator, you can shift them from one world to the other seamlessly. How amazing is that? Tilda Swinton is a great example of this in movies and film.

As much as I admire it, it's not really a style I've tried to capture for myself. Perhaps it's actually due to my plus size qualities that I try to emphasize my womanly features instead of down playing them. Bringing attention to my hour glass figure instead of hiding it, for example, is a constant battle with clothes. Maybe I just like having boobs far too much.


Bruna said...

The truth is I don't feel very comfortable with androgyny in fashion, but it's different and daring for sure!

Shannon Lambert said...

Hey Bruna,

I think that's one of the main effects of androgyny - making people uncomfortable. When something makes me uncomfortable, I find it helpful to ask "why does that make me uncomfortable?". The answer may not change the feeling but it's lead to some interesting discoveries about myself.

Thanks for the comment :)