Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adult Decisions

Some days I feel like an adult. I'll call my bank and transfer money into my Tax Free Savings Account and than I'll talk to my renter's insurance provider to renew for another year. Those are the days where I feel assured I've crossed that invisible line into adulthood. I'm twenty five motherfuckin' years old, bitches! I'm all grown up and this is how it is. I have my own library (like..in my apartment), a salary and a cheque book. Get use to it!

Ladies, books don't work through osmosis.

Than I do something like...forget to pay my cell phone bill which explains why I am currently without cellphone service.

Oh shhhiiiiiiiiiiit...

I also feel like I am on the verge of making some semi-adult decisions. I am looking at what it takes for me to enter university as a "mature" student. Many people who will be entering university will be 18-21 while I will be 25 or older when/if I get around to it. It's odd to think I'll be older than most in my class but that kind of makes it less intimidating. I've got some life experience under my belt as well as job experience. But I've also got a full time job and a nice, big rent cheque to write out monthly. I've gotten use to having money for years now (since I was 16) and am not too excited to put all my vacations and shopping on the shelf for 3-4 years while I go to university full time.
I feel my dietician would not agree with this

Don't get me wrong, I see the potential awesomeness in getting some post secondary up in here and I actually love ramen noodles. But...I also love rib eye steak, so you can see how this is going to be a sacrifice for me.

I have one more class I need to upgrade and then I can apply for university. While I look at my options for upgrading that one class, I'll have to start thinking about what kind of degree. English? Fine Arts? Art and Design? Do you sense a theme with the direction I am going in?

I promise you, whatever degree I end up going for, I will not be going to class in Uggs and sweatpants. Fuck that shit! I may be a student but that doesn't mean I'll have to dress like one.



Nesha said...

hahaha love it! Unfortunately, i never feel like an adult. My days of sneaking out and mouthing off have not ended quite yet.


Bruna said...

I totally understand you. I'm 25 too, and sometimes be an adult makes me crazy and tired. But I think university is a really good break of all "pay the bills" routine and you should try it for sure!
Good luck with your decision!

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