Thursday, July 8, 2010

Excuse me, your geek is showing....

Okay, I'm going to admit something.
Are you ready?
Maybe you should sit down...
Can I get you something to drink? What?! No, I'm not just looked thirsty is all.
Fine, alright, goes.

Sometimes...I am a total nerd.

Like...full on nerd.
I know, I's hard to understand but one day you will come to terms with the fact that someone as cool, fashionable and nice smelling as me understands the world of cheeto-dust covered, Dungeon and Dragon-ing, dice rolling, basement dwelling, lol-ing nerds.

Nerdicus Americanis in traditional battle ensemble.

I'm not one of those hot girls that play video games that men would pay to play Xbox with. Oh, you've never heard of that? I'm not making it up, check it out.

Nor am I science or technology nerd. I don't give a shit about new technology. My cell phone is three years old and I am only considering getting an iPhone because you can play Robot Unicorn Attack on it. Never heard of that either? Jeez, you must live under some rock that doesn't not have wi-fi. It's exactly what it sounds like: ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK!

I just kinda, sort of like nerd culture. I like all culture. Goth...Emo...Punk...Prep...whatever. But I definitely know too much nerd stuff for my own good.

Like, where is Wonder Woman from? Themiscrya, duh! And I didn't have to wiki or google that...I just knew. I not only know where she's from but have opinions (plural) on her new costume!

Hera Help Us!

I don't really read traditional comics with heroes and villians and such. I read web comics. Lots of them. Too many to list or even remember. And reading web comics means that I pick up all this nerd lingo through osmosis. It's just a part of the territory. If I want to get the punchline, I have to know the subject material.

Nerd Litmus Test - Did you laugh at this comic?

I know what RPG, PAX, SDCC and all those other acronyms mean. I am well informed about yiffing, slash fiction and cosplay. Do I partake in any of these? Nope...but I sure as hell know them.

I'm a total meme whore. So, what kind of nerd am I? Why, kind sir or lady, I am an internet nerd. And proud of it! Maybe this isn't such a surprise to you...I mean, I have a blog for christ's sake.


P.S. I totally wish Charlize Theron would play Wonder Woman in a movie. Seriously.

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