Friday, July 9, 2010

The Corruption That Is

Undoubtedly, you've by now noticed I have very strong opinions. But...who says they have weak opinions? I'd think most people feel their opinions are strong.

So, let me reword that: By now you've most likely noticed that I like to babble about what I personally feel is morally right or wrong. This entry will not be any different as far as my passion and conviction on the subject matter is concerned.

What is the subject matter you so cautiously ask?

I don't care whether it's true or not. Having Juicy written on your ass = Gross

I am offended by the idea that sweat pants can be anything more then sweat pants. For clarity's sake, I am putting yoga pants under this category too.

I get it...they are really comfortable. Most things made out of 40% spandex and 60% cotton are comfortable. It breaths and stretches. Yay! But uncomfortable are your other clothes that sweats seems like the best option? How hard is it to wear something that, god forbid, has structure and buttons.
I'd probably be happy too if I was this flexible.
But seriously're not in yoga class.
Put some real pants on.
..and shoes.

I don't care who makes them. It could be Lulu Lemon, Juicy "Couture" or a J. Lo tracksuit, it's still totally unacceptable to think that going to work, to a club or to the mall in sweat pants is okay. It's not's an affront to my fashionably sensitive nature or, you know, my eyes.

Why do I feel so strongly about this? Several reasons.

  • For one, there are so many options of clothing to wear, especially for women, why choose the lowest common denominator?
  • Secondly, jeans are comfortable. Just slap some on instead.
  • Thirdly, I see beautiful girls who have an abundance of clothes and style options open to them because they are not hindered by excess weight (like myself), odd body proportions (such as big hips, large bust, short legs or wide shoulders) and can pull off any style and they choose sweatpants. That's just a slap in the face to all those who work hard just to look average everyday and put the extra effort into finding clothes that fit and compliment. Step it up a notch, ladies/gentlemen. I haven't given up on getting dressed and giving a damn every morning, neither should you!
There is no justifiable reason this woman couldn't be dressed beautifully.
Also, I'm kind of stressing about how low these are riding.

I'm willing to be lenient in certain scenarios. Obviously if you're actually working out, going to work out or coming back from working out, you're in the clear. Though, it wouldn't hurt to change at the gym but I know that's not always ideal (public showers = heebie jeebies). If you're sick and are forced to go out and get cold medicine/emergency ice cream to help get better, I'll let it slide too.

So, the next time you are getting dressed and are overcome with the need to slouch your way into some yoga pants take a deep breath and remember that fashion isn't purely functional. It's a way to express yourself. If lazy and apathetic is the message you think the world needs to hear from you, you might as well stay home. We got all the lazy and apathetic people we need.


Claudia said...

I for one agree with you on this :) Ha ha. Mostly because I don't own a pair of pants. I have sweat pants, which i wear in the comfort of my own home, or when I got camping :) I have dressy skirts, lounging skirts and short skirts :) haha. My daughter actually seldomly wearts sweat pants outside of the house (only when camping). when we are going somewhere, even to the walmart, and she is wearing sweats, she makes the effort and changes! haha. So yeah :) JUICY is not cool! haha :)

Shannon Lambert said...

Haha Claudia, I love that you're always wearing skirts and dresses! I'm glad you agree, though I know that a lot of people don't. I just wish people tried everyday to look nice and treated everyday like a job interview. So many good looking people would look even better dressed up lol And then I would have much more interesting eye candy on the streets of Edmonton

Zabrinah said...

Haha! Nice post!

I love how your voice comes through the writing!


Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Claudia said...

Haha. You can come to my work and look at me :) I can be your eye candy if you want! I love dressing up, for work or for shopping :) haha. :)