Friday, January 15, 2010


The taller one
The fatter one
The one who laughs the loudest
The round one
The shy one
The one who stands the proudest

Accept that you are two
Know that comparison is natural
You'll be known as The Girls
That's the favourite catch all

Your name is called
and I can't help it, I turn my head
I know they don't mean me
But you instead

Since I was first
Let me experience it all for you
Allow me the joy of heart break
So that I may turn to you and say
"I know what it feels like
When the one you love betrays".

Let me cry the tears for you
and tear at the emptiness
Let me prove that love is true
Even when the lover isn't

Know that I am always constant
There is no way to deceive
If you want to move past this
Let me be the one to grieve

I will pave a path for you
Wider then required
I will cry the tears for two
When all your world's
on fire


Anonymous said...

Uhh...what she said. Love you!

-Chantelle AKA The Tall One, The Shy One, The Younger One, The One Who Doesn't Like to Write, The One Better at Math, The Funnier One (you know it's true, just accept it)

Anonymous said...

amazing, I never knew you could write like this. you have grown, so much.

-~just mE