Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tall Girl Observations

Tall girls are taller than all the girls and almost all the boys in elementary and Jr. high school. Some of the boys catch up to them in high school.

Tall girls sometimes have to dress a few years "older" than everyone else in their grade because none of the young kid clothes will fit. They're all too short or small.

Tall girls look the grade 6 teacher in the eye, even as he towers over the rest of her classmates.

Tall girls are told "You're tall enough" by insecure people whenever they wear heels. This starts in Jr. high school and never ends.

Tall girls sometimes make friends with the few other tall girls they meet and trade clothes for the first time in their life.

Tall girls get hit on by grown ass dudes when they are in their early teens. Sometimes this is thrilling and sometimes this is creepy.

Tall girls get told to "act your age" when they are acting their age, because everyone assume they're much older than they actually are.

Tall girls sometimes get asked to model.

Tall girls get asked if they want to join the basketball team at their new school.

Tall girls learn that short dresses for average height girls make really good long shirts for tall girls.

Tall girls stop trick or treating during Halloween a couple years before all their short/average height friends.

Tall girls don't mean to wear belly shirts sometimes. It just so happens that most shirts turn into belly shirts when you're tall.

Tall girls have cold ankles sometimes cause pants aren't usually long enough.

Tall girls don't get asked for ID very often when they go out.

Tall girls (who are hetero, single and looking) wish guys wouldn't feel the need to lie about their height in their online dating profiles.

Tall girls can always find their friends in crowded places, as they just peer over the masses.

Tall girls sometimes get called "snobby" if they stand up straight and proud.


Pretty Penny Mae said...

Oh, how I adore this post. I'm 6ft tall and have been since I was in 8th grade. So much of this rings true, particularly the part about creepy grown men, the premature ending of trick-or-treating, and always being asked to play basketball. It's comforting to know other people have shared similar experiences.
♡ Brooke

Julie Rockwood said...

I think you made smart when you picked out this theme of this blog article. Do you as a rule make your entries by yourself or you work with a writing partner or an assistant?