Friday, March 4, 2011

Women and children first

I think we're all familiar with the phrase, "Women and children first", also known as the "Birkenhead Drill". It's a maritime tradition (though, not a law) that in the event of a disaster, women and children get priority when loading up the life boats. Though it's been around since at least 1860 it became more well known after the sinking of the Titanic.

Now, with the US Government voting on whether or not to defund Planner Parenthood, "Women and children first" is taking on a whole new meaning. The sinking ship is now the US and instead of trying to save those vulnerable to the recession, it's kicking them in the fucking teeth. Or, as Nancy Pelosi put it, "it's the most comprehensive and radical assault on women's health in our lifetime."

Great interpretation of the events happening in the US

I'm not American. I'm not 100% educated on sexual reproductive laws in the US. But reading about all the politicians who are launching this attack on women's rights in the US is frustrating the hell out of me. How does cutting funding to a program that provides check ups, birth control and, yes, even abortions, help decrease the deficit? By cutting jobs and cutting access to products and services that prevent unplanned pregnancies and prevent or help detect sexual health issues, the deficit will only grow. Sure, they may see an immediate gain but it will only take a few years for that gain to reverse. It will reverse as more health issues go undetected for longer like cancer and STIs and the government finds themselves paying for it in the long run.

You have a choice...until they try to take that away too.

I keep picturing the US as a sinking ship in the ocean...and instead of offering up a seat in the lifeboat, I see politicians throwing the women and children overboard, hoping against hope that this last minute jettison will lighten the load up long enough so that the ship doesn't sink.

It's women and children first, alright. First to the chopping block.

Godzilla vs. Titantic...I knew it!

I had to post this last picture because I was getting bitchy thinking about the whole stupid "Let's take away women's rights but pretend it's a financial issue instead of just an oppressive regime to pander to our conservative constituents" topic.

"To take your chance in the thick of a rush, with firing all about,
Is nothing so bad when you've cover to 'and, an' leave an' likin’ to shout;
But to stand an’ be still to the Birken’ead drill is a damn tough bullet to chew,
An’ they done it, the Jollies - 'Er Majesty’s Jollies - soldier an' sailor too!
Their work was done when it 'adn’t begun; they was younger nor me an' you;
Their choice it was plain between drownin' in 'eaps an' bein' mopped by the screw,
So they stood an' was still to the Birken'ead drill, soldier an' sailor too!" - Rudyard Kipling


amy said...

I love your post.
You are so educated.

hope to hear from you*
love amy ^.^

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I'm really glad that you wrote this. It's refreshing to read something, especially when politics are as heated and screwed up as they are, that I can actually agree with. Hell, even if I didn't agree, at least you had facts and reasons.