Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let's Play Catch - Up

I'm totally going to cheap out and just play a quick game of catch up with some of questions I've fallen behind on.

Let's hope my answers suffice.

4. A favorite television show -

I don't have cable but I do try to keep up with a few shows either online or by purchasing the seasons as they come out. 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory are 2 good examples. I also love cartoons so I like to keep my dvds update to date on The Venture Bros. And my main addiction on tv is Jeopardy! It makes me want to have cable but then I talk myself out of signing up for it.

5. Share your favorite recipe -

My favourite recipe of what? There's so many to choose from, to be honest. I love looking up new food recipes and trying them out. Especially as my diet changes (I keep my foods low on the glycemic index and found out I'm lactose intolerant so avoid a lot of dairy now). Something I could eat every day though is braised brussels sprouts.

1 lb of brussels sprouts
1 medium onion, chopped
1 can sweet corn, drained
4/6 slices of bacon, chopped
salt/pepper to taste

Trim the bottoms off the brussel sprouts and the outer leaves. Cut in half, length wise.
In a pan saute some nice thick cut bacon on medium
When the bacon is soft and has rendered some fat but not fully cooked, add the brussels sprouts.
While the brussels sprouts soften and the bacon renders more fat, chop up onion and add to the pan (along with a drained can of sweet corn, if you'd like)
If the brussels sprouts are still firm or raw looking, add a couple ounces of water to help soften/steam them.
The brussels sprouts should look like wilted cabbage when done.
In the last few minutes, turn the heat up on the pan to get a nice golden brown tinge to everything and then serve.

6. A moment you wish you could relive -

My first and/or second Savage Garden concert. I barely remember everything but I know it'd be worth reliving as they were both amazing. I was just a young teenager though and was so awestruck I've forgotten most of the details.

7. 5 things you could not possibly live without.

1. My sister! I can't ever imagine being without her. Everyone else in the world could die and, although I would be sad, if I had her I'd be happy eventually. But if she ever died, nobody can replace the bond between twins. 2. My family. I have a hard time understanding when siblings aren't close to one another or when children don't speak to their parents. I mean, I don't talk to my dad often but he could hardly be considered a parent since he didn't very little in regards to raising me. I talk to my mom every other day though. 3. The ability to reason and read. I know that those who are dumb are usually too stupid to realize what they are missing out on but I'm grateful for having a brain and knowing how to use it (for the most part) 4. My sense of humor. It's what makes bad things come to pass and good things even more enjoyable.

8. A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life.

Dear Bryce Courtenay - Thank you for writing The Power of One. How it changed my life I cannot say because it is so deeply ingrained in my mind and my being that it guides my actions before conscious thought does.

9. A photo you took.
Fuckin' hell I take so many. Here is a semi-recent one I took last month that I like.

10. A photo of you taken over ten years ago

I'll have to get back to you on this one.

11. Write a letter to yourself. Answer it a year later

I'll do this a year from now.

12. Write 100 things about yourself.

Holy crap this list is demanding

13. 10 things you can’t do anymore

1. Monkey Bars - I friggin' loved 'em. I could skip 4-5 at a time cause my arms were pretty long for my age (thanks to height). I still have calluses from playing on the monkey bars.

2. Eat dairy haha. Well...I can still do it but I don't cause it makes me sick.

3. The Bridge - when you bend over backwards and arch your back so that you make a lower case n with your body. I'd love to be back in shape enough to do it. I think my continued weight loss and some yoga could get my there. Oh, back in the days when I was a bendy kid.

4. Dye my hair pinks/blues/greens/whatevers. When I go back to school full time I will definitely be dying my hair crazy colours again.

5. Knit - I've been taught 2-3 times and I always forget how to do it after a while. Haha oh pathetic.

6. Go to school for free haha I miss going to Art class and English class everyday and having the teachers and supplies at my fingertips.

7. Enjoy a potato or a real slurpee - sure I could have one but I can't enjoy it cause I know it'd be wreaking havoc on my blood sugar. So, I just avoid 'em all together.

8. Regain faith or confidence in someone once they've broken it but that is something I can work on and eventually fix.

9. I can never be rick roll'd for the first time again - so sad!

10. Wear crazy heels like I use too. Sprained my ankles one too many times.

14. A vacation you would like to take

The one I have planned starting next week for starters. Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. After this vacation I have many more dream vacations. Australia! Belize! UK/Ireland! Italy! Greece! I want to see so many places it's dizzying. I love knowing Dave is just as keen to travel as I am and that we're able to save and make goals together like we have.

15. A person you admire - Leo Tolstoy. Beautiful words. Beautiful mind. Beautiful actions.

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