Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blog Challenge Day Two and Three already I am cheating at this thing. Yesterday was day 2 of my blog challenge and what did I do instead of write...I went to 7:30pm haha. I know, I am terribly lame. I am not use to getting up at 5am and I fell asleep.

But, I was actually planning on combing day 2 and 3 because my favorite movie *is* my favorite book as well. And's not Twilight. *retch*

My favorite book and movie is "The Power of One" by Bryce Courtenay. It's the story of a young British boy named Peekay growing up in South Africa. He deals with racism, social injustice and learning to be strong. I wish I could say Peekay is a real person but it's a fictional story. However, the events his story are based around and the story itself is very real and he is real to me.

I remember being up very late one night when the movie came on tv, it must've been during summer vacation because it was 3am and my sister and I were watching TV. This movie had just begun and we got caught in it immediately. It's 3 hours long and I remember struggling to keep my eyes open as it came to the half way point. Chantelle and I were wondering how long this epic movie was going to last but not wanting to turn it off. When my brother Kane's then girlfriend (now his wife), Keltie came in the door I recall her asking, "Oh did Kane lend this to you?" A huge sense of relief because now we could finally go to bed and just borrow it from Kane to finish it. Oh Joy!

I borrowed it from Kane and I never gave it back. It became my favorite movie and that Christmas I got my first copy of the book. Of course, they were quite different from eachother. The book went into more detail and had characters the movie never mentioned like Hoppie Groenewald who essentially inspire Peekay's journey through out the novel. Interestingly enough, the movie added a love interest which was not at all present through out the novel. I remember enjoying the love story in the movie but discovering how much more enjoyable the book was without the subplot of romance.

Over the years, I've owned 3 copies of the book and all have been destroyed or lost. The first copy from Kane I read so many times it eventually fell apart (though I still have most of the pieces as it is precious to me). The second copy, a hard cover version which was a gift from my ex-boyfriend, was left in Colorado when we broke up. This wasn't on purpose though, as I was unaware when I came to Canada for, what I thought would be a visit, that I would actually end up moving back to Edmonton. The third copy, which I still have, was semi-destroyed by a flood in my first bachelor apartment upon moving back to Canada. The pages are wrinkled and dyed blue (as the blue dye in the hardcover seeped into the paper). I keep my eye out for a fourth copy in the used book stores but until then I am content with my blue version.

If you're ever interested here is a link to the movie Trailer or I'd be happy to lend you the dvd (for those of you that I know and live in Edmonton).

And if you'd like your own copy of the book you can find it on Amazon (this being one of my favorite versions of the cover).

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