Monday, August 30, 2010

Blog challenge #17 - My Top Ten

17. Top 10 websites you use

This question is kind of vague so I am going to tackle it as a best as possible. Is it 10 websites I use for entertainment, for shopping, for wasting time or just that I general.

I dunno, so let's go.

1. Nutsie

I love using Nutsie to listen to music and discover new bands. You simply sign up, start searching for the music you'd like to hear and then add it to your playlist. In the past the playlists would run uninterrupted. Now, they add in songs the systems thinks you might like. Sometimes they are dead on and sometimes their suggestions are awful. If I am listening to Jewel/Sheryl Crow/Lisa Loeb, why would they suggest Gun & Roses? Wtf?! But, it's still a handy dandy way to get your music fix without having to download a program or songs. I like that I can just log in and listen, no matter where I am - work, a friend's house, home...whatever!

Here is what I am listening to right now!

2. foodgawker

Is it weird that I love looking at food? I hope not because if so, I'm not the only one. This website is devoted to pictures of food which then link you to the recipe. This is great when you need inspiration and there is a handy search function as well. As my eating habits and life style have changed over the last 8-9 months this website has been a huge source of help. It's helped me discover new and interesting foods that fit with my low glycemic/no dairy life.

3. Kijiji

If you've been keeping up with this blog, you'll know that I love decorating my apartment but I especially love doing so with used furniture. It's not that I don't like new stuff (get me in an Urban Barn and I'll drool all over the merchandise) it's just that I have a budget and like a challenge. I love the thrill of finding a piece of $5.00 and making it look like $500.00. I also find that the more limited my resources, the more creative I get. Kijiji is definitely addictive, as I scroll through daily looking for furniture (even when I'm not buying anything). Some days it's like Russian roulette and other days I know exactly what I want to find.

4. Apartment Therapy

Speaking of decorating, here is a great site of inspiration from people whoa re facing the same challenges as you - apartment living, small budgets or trying to be green. Whatever is keeping you from having the home you want- nay, deserve, this website will show you how it can be done. Mostly user based and definitely photo based. Everything has pictures, which are perfect for inspiration.

5. Deviantart

Great for a constant flow of original art all the time! Whatever your style or tastes, you'll find it here. Be warned though, artists are natural pervs which means lots of boobies! haha

6. Hark A Vagrant!

I love web comics but this is definitely one of my favorites because it often involves literary characters or characters from History and making fun of them. This is no end of fun, for me.

7. Sartorialist

On the eve of my trip (I am leaving for Europe tomorrow) this website is definitely coming in handy. The Sartorialist (Definition of SARTORIAL: of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes; broadly : of or relating to clothes) is a great place to see what is fashionable right now. Of course, tastes differ, but the tone of this website overall is worldly and cultured. You're definitely not going to find any Ed Hardy bullshit here. I check this site out weekly and, although I don't always love what I see, it definitely makes me think about different styles and looks more then I might if I had never saw them.

8. Cracked

This is the remains of Cracked magazine (which was very similar to their rival, Mad Magazine). But the website is wholly an improvement. Hilarious articles, comics and videos, this former magazine reinvented itself like a god damn phoenix. Definitely a good time waster or conversation start. Many of my boyfriend's paragraphs start with, "So, I was reading on Cracked..." Either that or Popular Science.

Every other website I use is more just for communication and keep in touch.

Twitter - Shantique and you can be bored with me in real time!

Blogspot - where I follow plenty of other bloggers while effectively ignoring writing in my own.

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