Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lucky? I don't think so

I win. A lot.

I don't mean to brag, but I am working on a thought or a point.

I win all kinds of contests. Raffles, draws, writing and whatever else. I end up going to quite a few concert for free and have honestly resorted to winning my way in when I felt a show was too expensive.

People tell me that I am lucky which I have acknowledged that yes, it probably seems that way. But I join a contest almost every single day. Twitter contest, blog giveaways (when they actually apply to Canada for once), radio contests, online contests, draws in stores/malls, etc. And I don't just join once and hope I win while crossing my fingers. I read the rules and if I can join more than once, I will. I'll sit by the phone with the radio on waiting for me cue to call.

For example, a local radio station of mine has a point system where you can get points through "Blurb Words" they say over the air or send in their emails. With those points you can enter draws, bid on items (such as CDs or band memorabilia) or a market where you can buy things with your points. It's fun and awesome and I totally play the odds. If there are two shows I want to go too, I pick the one that will most likely (in my opinion) have fewer people interested in going and therefore less people entering the draw. If each ballot is worth 1000 points, I use all the 1000s I have saved up. I don't always win, but I often do. I also don't tell other people about contests, because every person who enters is my competition. Unless it's a prize we can share, I keep it to myself.

I'm not lucky. I'm just good at winning.

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