Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What We Can't Do

I think it's interesting that there are certain things we simply cannot replicate or fabricate.

For example, no artificial watermelon flavour ever tastes like watermelon. They are always sickly sweet, bright pink and closer to cotton candy than anything.

The experience of being at a live concert, which I attend quiet a few, can't be re-created. The crowd, the floor sticky from people spilling their drinks, the pushing, the dancing, the excitement of being so close to one of your favorite bands...all of it adds up to an experience that can be remembered and recalled time and again. DVDs and CDs of live shows can give you the sound, the screaming audience and the mid song changes and rants but it'll never be the real deal.

After a show last night, I was sitting at a dirty but safe and well lit bus station waiting for the next bus to take me home. My friend was beside me and we were just relaxing, tired after a work day and concert back to back. A breeze came along, blew along our backs, cooling us off from one of the first nights that felt like a summer night since September. And to me, it felt like the epitome of a nice breeze. A perfect wind that was only meant to cool you down, not to annoy or dishevel. And in that moment I wished I could keep it. I wanted to somehow hold onto the feeling that washed over my skin, the way my hair moved past my eyes and the way my thoughts drifted away from me while they were replaced by a long indulgent, whimsical thought of capturing sense.

But we can't do that, so I wrote this entry instead to try and convey the feeling I was feeling, which I am sure doesn't properly convey it either could it?

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