Friday, December 4, 2009


The Plan: Finish my one 30 class at Norquest in May-Aug semester and then go to the U of A into the Bachelor of Arts program for one year and then transition in the Bachelor of Education as an English teacher and possibly an Art teacher as well. This is a plan that I feel 60% sure about. I'm still trying to decide if it's the path I want to take, but the good thing is, if I change my mind, a lot of the programs/degree I am interested in all start with a BA anyways.

The Dilemma: I hate being poor. I grew up poor with plenty of used clothes and kraft dinner. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not above either of those things (still love thrifting) but I enjoy my life. I enjoy going on trips and going to concerts. Me and Dave want to move in to a new apartment for March 1st and I'm thinking Grand Central Manor (what a superfluous name for a building) because it allows pets, has hardwood floors, is downtown and has a 24 hour gym. But I am a bit concerned about the cost. I can afford it right now, working a salaried position, but I know once I start school, I'm going to be working part time. Waitressing, Love Boutique, Barista...who knows! I just fear I'll sign a lease and it will interfere with my plans. Then again, I can delay going to University until the next semester and work everything out by then.

Hmmmm....decisions. Either decision and I'm still happy with my life. I've got a well paying job working in my own office. I have a lovely boyfriend who is absolutely supportive, as I am of him. He's so great. Awesome family. Weirdest cat ever. And a bunch of clothes. Plus I got hit on last night while on the train home haha. Always fun to be reminded that you look good.

I suppose the issue is trying to figure out when and what to sacrifice. Right now, my health is paramount. I've made a mental commitment to improve this and that might mean taking a break between upgrading and University to improve myself first. That's partly why I am willing to pay more for a apartment (oh blissful bliss, a two bedroom apartment) with a 24 hour gym, because with my life and my schedule, 24 hours is necessary. Bonus is that this new building is literally 1 block away from my current school and still right by the train.

I'm sure whatever decision I come to I will be happy with. It's only a matter of weighing my options and considering all the variables in the equation.

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