Thursday, December 17, 2009

Living for the Weekend

It's a long life living for the weekend. Though the week goes by in a fast enough sort of way, and each month I find myself shocked that a new month is upon us.

But my weekends make up for the dreary office life, which I don't think I was made for. I was browsing jobs yesterday and saw two interesting jobs. Travel Agent and Assistant at a Veternary Clinic. Both appeal to me. I'm not one for high pressure sales, but helping people plan trips, offer advice and help them out really appeals to me as well as having to get more travelling experience under my belt. Then working with animals, monitorings, keeping them and their kennel clean and just being there for animals when they need it would be such a rewarding feeling. Of course, I'm a bit sensitive and know it would hurt if any animal's died but that's part and parcel when working in a vet's office.

I'm not planning on applying for either, atleast not yet, but it was fun to entertain the thought and to know other jobs are out there. I like to check every couple months to get a feel for the current job market and also to ensure I'm not missing any amazing oppratunities.

This weekend! Oh this weekend is going to be fun. Dave and I are going to see "Avatar". A few trusted sources have told me it's great and I am curious myself to see how it turns out. Sci-fi isn't usually my area of interest but I like the message in the movie and hope it's strongly portrayed (that message being respect nature and indigenous communities). I hate James Cameron's "Titanic" but hopefully this script is better written and with fewer cliches.

Then on Saturday I work. Whatever. Doesn't even matter because after work I get to go over to Erin and Ran's place where we will be having our own Turkey Dinner. I am so excited to have a celebration with my friends for the holidays and not just a family dinner (especially since Dave and I have to go to our own family dinners on the same night and will not be spending most of Christmas eve together). My sister and Erin will be doing most of the cooking. I have plans to bring a little something something over though. The gift I'm planning isn't something I will partake in myself, but if I choose correctly, hopefully everybody will enjoy it. I know it's going to be fun especially if we play some Zap! (card game).

Then Sunday, Chantelle and I are going out with my mom for some more Christmas shopping and planning. I've only bought one of Dave's gifts and need some help picking out the others. Mostly I need help getting to the stores where they are, cause it's not a mall. I don't want to say what they are, on the off chance that he secretly reads my blog (doubt it). He deserves great gifts...I feel like I can never give him enough. He is so kind, loving, patient and sweet to me while I am so cantankerous, impatient and cranky half the time. This is why opposites attract, to balance one another out.

We are alike in the things that matter to us. We both like to travel and dream of living in other countries and travelling the world. I'm so happy to have a future partner in my adventures. We're both very laid back, despite my habit of going on rants. We're both avid readers, though I stick to the classics and he is more of a information/science kind of guy (I love him for it). We both love watching movies.

I want this Christmas to be amazing for him. I know I didn't decorate. I'm not into Christmas trees in such a small apartment. I'm definitely not baking any cookies and I've only listened to one Christmas song. But he's given me so many random gifts this year. He bought me a beautiful red corset with 16 peices of boning. He has bought me more then a few bouquets of flowers (almost always lilies, my favourite) and has just been exactly what I needed at the end of each day. While I was in school, he made sure dinner was ready each night. When I am tired and cranky, he is ready to soothe me and make me laugh, even if it means being goofy and annoying. I feel like he is the refuge in each day.

Yes, this weekend will be great. Spending it with friends and family. And finding the right gifts to show my man that I can be the thoughtful caring girlfriend he deserves.

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